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New York Solidarity Network (NYSN) is a membership organization that values the American alliance with Israel and supports state and local political candidates who feel the same in New York.

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After the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, many of New York’s elected leaders stood up and held Hamas terrorists accountable for their heinous actions. It was the just and humane thing to do.

Unfortunately, not everyone could take that step. Some stayed silent, while others tried to straddle the fence and stand with both terrorists and the terrorized in equal measure. Some officials even went so far as to justify Hamas’ brutality. They have had plenty of time to do the right thing, but they have chosen not to.

Let them know: When you can’t take a stand against terror, you do not stand for New York!


“The NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America’s revolting display glorifies the murder, rape, abduction, and terrorism of Jews by Hamas. The shameful actions of this known terrorist organization should not be tolerated by anyone in civil society, and anyone who stands in “solidarity” with them deserves the scorn of every true New Yorker who believes in the dignity and rights of all people. NYSN further calls on New York state and local elected officials to condemn this rally and to not participate in this celebration of evil.”

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About us

New York Solidarity Network (NYSN) is a membership organization that values the American alliance with Israel and the tight-knit relationship the majority of Jewish New Yorkers have with Israel. NYSN works to promote candidates for public office who recognize and respect the U.S.-Israel relationship out of consideration of foreign policy and the values of their constituents.

"Without NYSN and the dollars they brought to my race, I never would have won my re-election to the NY State Assembly. NYSN is an incredibly valuable resource."

Inez E. Dickens
Assemblymember (AD-70)

"Discrimination against Israel as a Jewish State has no place in the future of American politics. NYSN seeks to promote an inclusive politics that makes room for all Americans, including pro-Israel Jewish Americans. At the core of NYSN is a commitment to engaging early with the next generation of elected leadership here in New York and elsewhere in the United States."

Ritchie Torres
U.S. Representative (NY 15th District)