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Houthis at a Glance
The Houthis are an armed political and religious group which champions Yemen's Shia Muslim minority, the Zaidis. The Houthis routinely use child soldiers in combat, impose a regressive code of Sharia, have been accused of enslaving African migrants, and are about to be re-classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State.Read More
Disturbing moment anti-Israel protesters swarm NYC subway chanting, ‘Iran, you make us proud’

Alarming video shows anti-Israel protesters taking over a New York City subway car and horrifying Jewish riders with sick antisemitic chants — even saying they were “proud” of Iran for attacking Israel.

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Councilmember Shahana Hanif ignores Jew-hatred

Well before Hamas murdered around 1,200 people and kidnapped another 240 hostages on Oct. 7, Hanif tweeted direct calls to violence like “Globalize the Intifada,” a Hamas terrorist campaign of suicide bombings that killed close to 2,000 Israelis.

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Congressional committee grills Columbia University president on campus antisemitism

Committee chair says Columbia has some of the "worst cases" of antisemitism.

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Why we should all support the Countering Antisemitism Act

The rapid and frightening surge in antisemitic incidents across America has been a grotesque stain on our nation’s pluralistic ideals.

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‘Shocking' rise in NY antisemitic incidents highlights national 'emergency,' ADL says

Antisemitic incidents in New York soared 110% last year, shattering the previous record and sparking deep concern, according to an Anti-Defamation League report out Tuesday.

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Mayor hosts forum to combat antisemitism and other forms of hate, but some invitees skip meeting

About 20 elected officials and community organizers discussed ways the city can combat antisemitism, though attendees said it was just the start of the conversation. Ald. Debra Silverstein (50th) said the gesture was ‘hollow.’

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