A New York-focused membership organization to promote candidates for public office who value the American alliance with Israel.

Voter's Concerns

We found that Democratic voters prioritized safety and quality of life when asked what they believe are the most important issues facing New York City.

40% of Jewish Democratic voters had safety as their first concern; 83% of all polled voters said they were concerned about the rise of antisemitism.

Jewish Democrats are Pro-Israel


of Jewish Democratic voters would vote for a Pro-Israel candidate.


of Jewish Democratic voters are emotionally connect of Israel.


of Jewish Democratic voters take a candidate's Israel position into consideration when voting.

Favorability of Israelis


of Democratic voters say Israel is an important ally of the United States.


of Democratic voters are in favor of Israel and a Palestinian state.


of Democratic voters say U.S. support for Israel is the right level, 40% of DSA voters agree.

Favorability of Palestinians

DSA Supporters Don't Share Leadership's anti-Israel Stance


of DSA supporters agree that "Israel is a safe haven for Jewish people around the world."


of DSA supporters are "supportive of Israel's effort to fight terrorism and protect its citizens."


of DSA supporters would vote for a Pro-Israel candidate.

Favorability of BDS

Zionism: It's Complicated — But Anti-Zionism Isn't Popular


of Democratic voters are unfavorable of Zionism, but 52% said they were less likely to vote for an anti-Zionism candidate.


of Democratic voters are favorable of Zionism, but 43% said they didn't know.


of DSA supporters would vote for an anti-Zionist candidate, but 41% would be less likely to vote for them.

Support of Israel Isn't a Blank Check to Its Government